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'Tá vendo esse copo na sua frente?

É consequência de ter sido inconsequente

'Tá vendo? 'Tá vendo?

Só acredita agora porque 'tá doendo

Ver outra me beijando

E outra me mordendo

Ver outra ganhando

O que 'cê 'tá perdendo

É só uma amostra grátis

Da saudade que eu não 'to tendo

Não foi bom te ver chorar

Foi top demais

Foi f**a demais

Torce o olho que sai mais

Não foi bom te ver chorar

Foi top demais

Foi f**a demais

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Torce o Olho (Ao Vivo)

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AmandaPereira_'s avatar
simply amazing! Makes me want to dance every time I listen. The lyrics are very deep and the melody is very immersive. I love how each instrument is used in a unique way and how everything fits perfectly. Without a doubt one of my favorite sounds.
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GiovannaMello81's avatar
I can't stop listening to this song, the dance is so engaging and the lyrics are so captivating Every time it plays, I feel excited and ready to enjoy
LarissaMCarvalho's avatar
Man, this song is amazing! The rhythm makes me want to dance until dawn, and all your lyrics have a message that inspires and motivates me I remember once I heard while driving with my friends and we sang so loudly that we almost lost our voices!
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Renan_Santana's avatar
very soft the sound of Gusttavo Lima, Hugo & Guilherme! I loved the energy of this song, it makes you want to dance until dawn!
DanielSantos_'s avatar
I didn't like Torce o Olho (Live). I found the lyrics a little weak and the melody didn't get much attention. Not my favorite style of music
isabella.martins's avatar
reminds me of my school days, when the whole class would gather to listen to Gusttavo Lima. I love the energy and joy it transmits and it always cheers me up to dance. It is worth checking out this live version with the participation of Hugo & Guilherme
taulandkohl's avatar
it's mt gum, i can't stop singing! I love Gusttavo Lima's voice and the lyrics are really funny. The participation of Hugo & Guilherme was also too much
Luana_Mendonca's avatar
every time I hear Twist the Eye (Live), my body starts to shake and my legs can't stand still. The dance is crazy, the rhythm sticks to the mind and makes you want to go dancing around without stopping. for those who want to break and have fun, I love it too much!
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Sara Rhaniellen Nunes
i love this song ❤❤
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Decileia Deinha
Eita love this song 🤩🤩
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Joana leite
adored 😔❤️‍🩹
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What a hit bb
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Jean Carlos Ribeiro
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