Tune in Together

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Hoy se nos ha acabado la suerte

Por jugar tanto tiempo a perdernos

Nuestro amor quedó inerte

Nos ha dolido fuerte

No tuvimos suerte no

Te necesito junto a mí

Abrazaditos para ser feliz

Pero eso no va a ser así

Ojeras se notan en mí, pues no puedo dormir

Desde que tú te fuiste

Todas las noches me la paso triste

Me embrujaste ¿Qué hechizo me hiciste?

No puedo sacarte desde que te metiste

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Jugando a Perder

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Olívia de Moraes's avatar
Olívia de Moraes
This song goes straight to my heart. Its sincere and emotional lyrics make me feel less alone in this world.
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Laís de Chaves
This rolita is pure love of chido. The lyrics are very bright and the beat makes you move your hips as if there was no tomorrow. I already passed the information to my friends so they can listen to it and enjoy it as much as I do.
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Claudia Jaimes's avatar
Claudia Jaimes
I love this song! The lyrics are super catchy and the rhythm doesn't leave you still for a second. I've recommended it to all my beats and it's already a hit in my playlists. Bravo for this great song!
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Concepcion Marin's avatar
Concepcion Marin
He always touches the heart with his emotional songs
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Maria Nieves Chan
The voice is amazing. I love this song!
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Caio Barros
I never tire of listening to it over and over again.
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Alicia Barrios
undoubtedly one of my favorites of the artist
gilberto molina López's avatar
gilberto molina López
says so many things that we all feel or will feel at some point in time.
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