Tune in Together

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Hoje eu decidi

Não vou ficar correndo atrás de que não gosta mais de mim

Você venceu, vou procurar alguém pra me fazer feliz

Vai ser melhor assim

Mas isso vai passar

Na vida tudo passa,

O seu amor não vou mais implorar

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man, this song has an incredible flow! The beats make me dance non-stop and the lyrics are so engaging that I feel like singing along. It's a mix of rhythms that makes me feel free and happy. The voice is smooth and the melody stays in my head all day. I can't stop listening!
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Man, this song is really hot! It has a great style and the chorus is in your head even after you only hear it once. It always plays at the little parties I go to!
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I really enjoyed this song! It always cheers me up The rhythm is sticky, the lyrics are fun and the singer's voice is incredible!
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Celly Lacerda
#elegant mail
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music that reminds you of many moments...
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I was hearing the sound when my dog started howling along. Until today I don't know if he was singing or complaining about my musical taste
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it reminded me of my childhood that I never had the courage to confess. The lyrics express exactly what I felt at the time. The melody is soft and sad at the same time
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the lyrics are deep and the melody is contagious. The instrumental could have been more explored and the chorus could have been more engaging
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🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
"There are times in life when we miss someone so much which is what we want most is to take this person out of our dreams and hug her. Dream of whatever you want. whatever you want to be, because you only have one life and you only have one chance to do what you want." 💞💞
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I don't know why all his songs affect me, I've never experienced a third of what he says in them kkk
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Eita suffering😥😥
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I run after 😔 I hate
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Eita suffering 🤩
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👽Daiana Gomes👽
continues 🥰
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wonder this song
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this one is very good
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