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Era eu, condenado era eu

Era eu, condenado era eu

Era eu, era eu condenado era eu

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cornellbesser's avatar
so fucked! I love how captivating the melody is and makes me want to dance in the middle of the street. and the lyrics? Simply awesome, they make me feel like I'm part of something bigger. It's like exactly what I was feeling when he wrote this song.
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TiagoSantosZL_928's avatar
too much! The guitars and bass dance make me feel so good! Not to mention the lyrics are amazing, I relate to them too much.
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larissa_carvalho_musica's avatar
This song is the one that makes you want to dance even if it's in line at the bank I remember listening to it last summer with my friends, it vibe so good!
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RodrigoCosta's avatar
I loved Julliany Souza's voice, with a lot of personality and emotion! The lyrics are also very beautiful and touching. I just missed a more striking chorus
euamoAnavitoria's avatar
man, once I was leaving the house to the sound of It was me and where's my slipper? At the neighbor's door, what a shame kkkkk
GabrielLima1991's avatar
I think the lyrics of Era Eu are a little tood. I can't get completely involved with the story and the music has nothing special that stands out compared to others in the genre.
MarcosOliveira's avatar
too much! Vibe too good, impossible not to swing the skeleton. Julliany's voice is incredible and the lyrics are super real. Just success!
EmicidaRimas's avatar
bro, this song by Julliany Souza is sticking it in my head like gum! The chorus doesn't leave my mind and the dance is very engaging. I loved the melody and the lyrics too, really good!
luana.santos's avatar
the music brought me a feeling of sadness and melancholy, the lyrics touched my soul deep. Julliany's soft voice and instrumentality led me to reflect on the past. It was an emotionally intense experience
lucas_santos's avatar
julliany Souza sent very well with Era eu! This song has a beat that is impossible to stand still, you know? When it starts playing, I'm already stamping my foot, throwing my hair and rolling! I love this lively and contagious vibe of the song, it's always a party when it plays!
luizaoliveiraaa1996's avatar
This song is too much dough! The chorus is on my head and I've already indicated that my friends like it too!
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