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Les juro que a veces no me la creo

De todo lo que ya pude lograr

Hoy tengo más de lo que imaginaba

Y ver pa' tras me da felicidad

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Si Un Dia No Estoy

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Maria Elena De leon
I like how this song makes you feel on an adventure trip, it's perfect for listening while traveling.
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Martin Costa Braga
No shit, this song is pure fire! The lyrics are super interesting and the rhythm makes you move your ass non-stop. I've already put it in all the pedas and my buddies keep asking me to play it again. No doubt it's my favorite.
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Leonardo Badaró
I love this song a million times, the lyrics are super interesting and the rhythm makes your body move. I already passed it to my compas and they have it on repeat in their repertoire. Great music for all day long!
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Lucas Amaral
It's a song I just can't get out of my head.
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Sebastian Pacheco
I love how music makes me feel happy and energized. Long live music!
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Antonio Hernandez
I love how the music makes me feel so emotionally connected.
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Marc Delgado
I listen to this song to dance and forget bytes. I love this rolachambé to all my race pa' to enjoy it with me.
Guilherme Antunes's avatar
Guilherme Antunes
She is one of my favorites of the band
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Henrique Ambrozim
This music is like a wave breaking on the beach of the heart.
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