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Eu poderia estar

Em qualquer outro lugar

Mas Tua glória me atraiu

Tua presença me atraiu

Tentei me esconder

Por medo de não viver

Mas Tua glória me atraiu

Tua presença me atraiu

É a sarça pegou fogo e não se consumiu

E a voz que saiu dela um dia me atraiu

E o meu coração queimou até que descobriu

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Me Atraiu (Reimagined)

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this song really attracted me, did you see? Gabriela Rocha always rockes, but this recoded version is a shot! The lyrics are still incredible and now the production is even more powerful, with a dancing rhythm that makes me want to get out of the chair and go to the dance floor! 🕺💃🏽🔥
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Bro, this song is amazing! It reminds me of a trip I took with my friends and we enjoyed it all the time in the car Very good!
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all good, there's a dance that doesn't make you want to stop dancing! The lyrics are very well written and make me too emotional Top! 🎶🔝
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amen glories to god 🖐️🙏
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