Tune in Together

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Ei para com isso

Lembra o que a gente combinou

Quando briga outro faz as pazes

Quando um altero a voz outro da mais covarde

Eu sei que um dia já desgasta a gente

É uma porrada de gente que botando pilha

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too much, bro! I am completely addicted to rhythm and dance. the lyrics are deep and make me reflect on life. whenever I'm in bad, I hear this song and feel better. it's the soundtrack of my life, I can't go a day without listening.
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Man, this song is a classic! I remember listening with friends on a road trip. The vibe she passes is unparalleled, it brings me up
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a vibe, beats every note right! The lyrics are very true and deep, it seems that it was written for me I used to sing along!
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jessica taylene
#elegant mail
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I love this song 💞
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, the sound is cool! I'm really enjoying this dance. I just thought the lyrics could be a little deeper. Otherwise, it's great!
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man, Think Right of Touch Ten is stuck to my head! I think it's because the dance is very lively and the vocals are super sticky. I really like the lyrics too, which encourages you to think before acting. I've already put them to play on repeat several times!
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thinks Law transports me to special moments of my life, when I listened with my friends at parties or on the road. It depends on the letter that reminds us of the importance of making decisions wisely
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I think Pensa Right is an ok song, but it's not very striking at all. Nothing in the melody or lyrics catches my attention or makes me want to listen again
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oh guys! The song Think Right by Touch Ten is pure fire on the track! It's impossible to stand still with this beat that doesn't let anyone breathe. The lyrics are also current, sending the real to the vagrants who are faltering. I love this song and I can't stay out of dancing when it plays!
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Lidia Santos
what a voice what a passion
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Dienefer Gois
I'm in love with Ten Touch You don't have better no ❤️
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We together are a couple F*** 😍😍😍
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