Tune in Together

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Faz-me morrer pras coisas desse mundo

Faz-me esquecer das coisas que me afastam de Você

Teu nome é como unguento derramado em minhas feridas

Que me cura restaura a alegria

Do Teu perdão é tudo que eu preciso

Cura minh'alma restaura o meu sorriso

E quando Tu chegas fica tudo colorido

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Como Na Primeira Vez

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Man, this song has a rhythm that makes me super excited! The lyrics are deep and make me feel goosebumps. I always turn the volume up to maximum and feel free to dance and sing along. It's one of those songs that I'll always love and enjoy, no matter how many times I hear it.
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Guilherme.Santos's avatar
This song always makes me feel like I'm in an 80's romantic movie. I already danced with my love listening to it on repeat!
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Guys, this sound has a really good vibe! The lyrics are full of meaning and the dance is engaging It always cheers me up every time I listen!
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Danny Castro
❤️🙌🏻 like the first time
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by Julliany Souza is gum, it doesn't get out of my head! I think the lyrics are very sincere and connect with us, you know? Not to mention that her voice is incredible and the dance is engaging. I can't stop listening!
AnaPaulaSantana's avatar
I didn't find Como Na Primera Vez de Julliany Souza very striking. Something was missing that caught my attention and I didn't find anything different or innovative in the song.
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traz de volta as lembranças da primeira vez que me apaixonei. Adoro a letra romântica e a voz suave da Julliany Souza
Gabriel_Alves's avatar
oh, pure fire in the foot, it can't resist! When the chorus arrives, I'm already rocking everything and wiggling my ass non-stop! The drumming is addictive, and Julliany Souza's voice gives a very special touch. It's the perfect music to get out of the routine and dance until you get tired!
luizaoliveiraaa1996's avatar
, this song is amazing! Julliany Souza's voice is wonderful and the melody is immersive. I already put it on my playlist
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Sônia Trindade735
Do everything new again.
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There are times when we are tired. But HE comes and makes us new vessels like the first time. 🙏
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