Tune in Together

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Você não sabe quanto eu sofro quando nós brigamos

Saiba que eu não viveria um

Cada segundo longe de você

Queria falar desse amor das nossas loucuras

Queria te dizer o quanto sofro

Quando nós dois brigamos amor

Mas juro que tudo que fala é da boca pra fora

A raiva do momento

Mas a verdade é que eu não vivo

Meu bem sem você no meu pensamento

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Vamos Falar de Amor

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isabela.alves's avatar
bro, pure success! The rhythm is too contagious and I'm impossible to stand still. The lyrics are wonderful and have a strong message behind them. I love everything about it: the chorus, the guitar solo and, of course, the voice, which is amazing and steals the scene. If I could, I would listen to this song all day long.
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leonardoP's avatar
This song has such a relaxed vibe, you know? It seems to transport me to a good vibe, no matter where I am. I've danced a lot to the sound of it!
_julianaSilva_S's avatar
so addictive! dance makes me want to dance non-stop And the lyrics, so deep...I feel connected with the emotions transmitted
antonianasciment2934's avatar
eita flakes, takes heart ❤
LucasCVieira_'s avatar
the d melody touched me deeply, making me reflect on life and the meaning of things. Subtle lyrics that managed to convey to me a sense of peace and love
AnaLuizaPires's avatar
man, I was listening to this song on the last volume and my mother asked me if I was building a wall. 😂🤣
VitorFernandes's avatar
the music has lively dance and engaging lyrics, but some tracks sound a little. I especially liked the chorus which is quite chic
my god it was too great in you fo pablo with Marília 👏👏👏👏
Mirele Moraes's avatar
Mirele Moraes
Eita song that calls me 🥰🥰
🧚💦lamdim veiga veiga💦🧚's avatar
🧚💦lamdim veiga veiga💦🧚
Hummmm delight #my ears I heard beautiful words ##identify myself perfectly??? Surely everything and from the mouth 👄 out ##in that moment which heart I didn't live #or lived moments like this #it just couldn't last to leave @pra after 🔥🔥eittaa Pablo and Marília you touched the heart 💔 that suffers a variation of feeling that hurts a lot a lot # 👏👏🌹👈tamarind ##so topp❤️
Millinha😛's avatar
Eita passion😍👏👏👏
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Gisa Gutie
very beautiful 💓💓💓 u
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Aldilene Lim@
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