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Polpa no Chão

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very top! When I listen to it, I can feel the good vibes and I always cheer myself up. The lyrics are also very massive and I identify too much with past messages. It's one of those songs that we never get tired of listening to and that are part of our lives.
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This song always makes me really excited! And I remember one time it rolled up to a flash mob with her at the mall
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very hot! The dance is contagious and the lyrics speak straight to the heart I get all goosebumps when I hear I love it too much!
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mine loved it too kkk
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Josafá Dias
my neighbors loved me until they called the police
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that sound hit differently, are you on? I can't stand still when it plays! Dj Bruninho sent too much in this track - the beats and the vibe so insane! I'm addicted, I'm sure there will be an anthem around
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I didn't like this song very much, I found it kind of forgetful. Didn't pay attention to me ord interest in listening again
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the lyrics of the song are engaging and the dance is contagious. The stretch Polpa no Chão has a strong and striking chorus. I really liked it!
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Heck, this song Polpa no Chão is so cool! I'm loving the dance of DJs Bruninho Pzs and Mano Lost, and MC Jacaré's voice is sensational! pure excitement! My body won't stop dancing when I hear it! IT'S HIT!
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this song does not leave my head! dance is addictive and you can't stand still. I love the way MC Jacaré sings, it gives a very massive flow to the song. I'm addicted!
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the music has a lively and exciting dance that makes me want to dance. The lyrics don't have great depths, but they're fun and match the energy of the music. I loved it!
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man, I was dancing Polpa no Chão at the ball and I in a juice that someone spilled. I cried with laughter, I almost fell again
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Good afternoon music of the hour 😎😎😎😎
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