Tune in Together

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Como é difícil acreditar

Quando eu não posso ver

Será que vai acontecer

A minha impaciência mexe com minha estrutura

E ativa ansiedade

Mas eu não vou deixar de crer

Mas é neste momento que Deus entra em cena

E o tempo deixa de ser um problema pra mim

E eu desacelero e passo acreditar

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Dono da Promessa

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renata_sousa's avatar
bro, sensational, I get goosebumps every time I listen. The lyrics are super deep and connect with me in a way I don't even know how to explain. dance is also addictive, it makes you want to keep dancing non-stop. I can't stop listening!
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Laura.Ferreira's avatar
This song is my type: high spirits, lively and super exciting! Whenever it plays, I can't stand still and end up dancing crazy!
AnaPaulaPastos's avatar
amazing! The rhythm is contagious and the lyrics are as deep literally as it makes me feel strong and confident when I hear
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gisellecarneiro60's avatar
What a beautiful voice
FernandoCruz's avatar
putz, the kind you can't stand on the floor! When the dance starts, it already gives a chill and you start to roll like crazy. In addition, Kellen Byanca's voice is sensational, the lyrics are wonderful and the whole production is top notch. Owner of the Promise is an anthem!
_lauraMachado's avatar
this song makes me feel the power of faith! The voice of Kellen Byanca and Todah Music rocked the beats. I can only swing, the lyrics are a crazy vibe!
faclubedoChicoBuarque's avatar
this song gave me a lot of hope and strengthened my faith. The lyrics are very beautiful and remind me of the promises God has for my life. Kellen's voice is incredible and the whole song is very well produced, especially the stringed instruments.
mandargarner's avatar
I didn't like Dono da Promessa (Live), I thought it lacked a little energy and creativity in the execution. It's not a song that makes me want to listen again
PatrickOliveira's avatar
I was listening to this song on the bus and I started singing loudly, then the driver stopped the bus and asked me to do the whole show! 😂😂😂
fanclubedoCaetanoVeloso's avatar
I really liked Kellen Byanca's interpretation and the song itself. The lyrics are inspiring and the melody is captivating. I found them just a little short
NeydeMarquesFa's avatar
too much! The lyrics are so powerful that I can't get them out of my head. On the beats of Todah Music, Kellen Byanca rockes and convinces you that God's promises are really to keep yourself in your heart.
Rivaldo Santos's avatar
Rivaldo Santos
What a strong hymn.
Eleonir Cristina Ike's avatar
Eleonir Cristina Ike
glory to god, hallelujah
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