Tune in Together

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Garrafa que esvazia

Madrugada vai virando dia

E eu nessa agonia só pensando em alguém que já nem pensa em mim

De toda a dificuldade que eu já vi na minha vida

Nível hard que judia noite e dia é aceitar o nosso fim

Ai, ai, ai, cê me bateu sem nem triscar

Ai, ai, foi minha culpa, meu erro eu mereço pagar

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Só Lembro Da Briga

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AmandaPereira_'s avatar
this song messes with my vibe, you know? the lyrics are so deep and the dance makes me want to dance until I get tired. every time I listen, I feel a wave of sadness invading me, but in a good way, you know? it's like I'm revisiting good memories. and the voice? man, it's so unique and comforting
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Laura.Ferreira's avatar
Bro, this song is a vibe! The first time I heard it, I was at the beach with friends and it was crazy. It reminds me of summer and good days
_julianaSilva_S's avatar
very massive! The beats are heavy and make me want to dance The lyrics have a deep meaning and make me scream
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ClaraNunesAficionada's avatar
I don't really like the song Só Lembro Da Briga do Cesinha Mello. I think the melody is a bit weak and the lyrics don't captivate me
BrunoMartins's avatar
I liked the lyrics and the lively melody, but I thought the voice could be a little stronger to give more emphasis to the song
zezinhotamborim's avatar
a delight! When the dance starts, I'm already moving my little feet, until I catch myself dancing in the middle of the room. The chorus is so sticky that it sticks
amanda.santos's avatar
I was listening to this song when I hit the pole! After that, I only remember the fight with my car. Laughter.
MariliaMendoncaFa's avatar
people, Cesinha Mello is too addictive! I can't get it out of my head. The chorus sticks in my mind, you know? And the lyrics are very funny, they portray a scenario we've already experienced. I loved it!
GilGuedesFa's avatar
the lyrics of this song make me reflect on the importance of resolving conflicts in a relationship, before it's too late. The melody is engaging and makes me dance, but the message is deep and inspiring
ThierryMenezes's avatar
pure high astral! Beaten mass and letter that speaks in the can. It messes with my body and mind, I can't stand still. It was too much, CESINHA M, you're the guy! 😎🎶
_thaisdosSantos's avatar
This song is a blast, I've been addicted to the chorus and I'm recommending it to my friends.
Rosângela Ferreira's avatar
Rosângela Ferreira
no, no, no no
welbernunesvieira's avatar
There is canaannnn Good to hurt the mother-in-law....
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