Tune in Together

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Toma me rendido estou

Aos pés da cruz me encontrei

O que tenho te entrego oh deus

Vem limpar as minhas mãos

Purificar meu coração

Que eu ande em tudo que tu tens pra mim

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Rendido Estou

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man, a rock! The voice of Isaias Saad and Débora Buzas together is a perfect combination. The lyrics are very beautiful and it gives me the creeps every time I listen. The harmony of the music is incredible and makes me want to dance along. I think this is one of the best gospel partnerships I've ever heard.
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Bro, it's really crazy when this song plays It gives me some fucking princess vibes Once, I danced so much that I lost my shoe!
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amazing, the lyrics convey such a good vibe and the melody is simply contagious It's impossible to stand still! 😍🎶
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Luiz Carlos Do Nascimento
When I heard this song, I was automatically transported to when I first heard it! So many fights, and also how many victories! All honor be given to the LORD 🙌🏻
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Samuel Santos
All Honor All Glory Be Ati Hyave
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