Tune in Together

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Aún no completo el cuarto de siglo

Y ya andamos bien entrado los negocios

A pesar de que me miran joven

La seriedad de sobra lo conozco

Bien concentrado ando en el trabajo

Y si no hay qué hacer, le entramos al relajo

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Gallo Fino

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Gabriel Marínez
the voice in this song is so powerful and penetrating that it always makes me feel like I'm in a live concert.
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Maria rosario Vera's avatar
Maria rosario Vera
I can't believe how much it makes me dance, it even makes me sweat!
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Emanuelly da Gloria
This song is the real thing, wey. The lyrics are really cool, it makes you reflect a lot. And the rhythm is so fast that you can't avoid dancing. I already recommended it to all my friends. Pure love for this song!
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Luan Brunelli
I can't resist dancing every time I listen to it. I love this song!
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Emanuel Barcelos
I love how the Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga interprets it with so much feeling. It is a masterpiece!
Ravi Abreu Lisboa's avatar
Ravi Abreu Lisboa
It transmits so much energy that I can't help but move!
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Maria Flor de Moraes
it's really cool! The lyrics are really good and the rhythm makes my buttocks move!
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Nicolas Ambrosio
Music has undeniable magic
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Karen Fernández
Wow, this song is really cool, isn't it? I love the rhythm and the lyrics. I've already played it to all my friends and we've been singing it all day long. I love this song!
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