Tune in Together

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Creo en mí

Y en todo lo que un día pedí

Va pasándose el tiempo

Y va creciendo nuestro intento de sobresalir

A los 18 me salí

De mi casa me tuve que ir

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Ana Lívia de Mello's avatar
Ana Lívia de Mello
This rolita has blown my head off, the lyrics are a trip! Whenever I put them on my playlist, I dance like crazy and I can't stop singing them. My compas already know everything because I've been recommending them super hard. It's a hit!
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Beatriz de Camargo's avatar
Beatriz de Camargo
This rolita is really cool! The lyrics are really cool, but the rhythm is what turns me on. I've shared them with all my friends and we've already danced to them like crazy. Definitely a song that makes me happy.
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Marc Delgado
I love this song, the flow beats me and I always put it in the car. I love this song, I passed it to my band.
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