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Que yo fui el culpable de todo el dolor

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Ricardo Martínez
I love how he uses different instruments to create a song rich in textures and layers, like a symphony of sounds that envelops you in its melody.
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Carlos Gomez
The lyrics of this song are so deep that it makes you reflect on your life and your decisions, it makes you question everything you thought you knew.
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Arthur Almeida
The deep and transcendental lyrics of this song invite you to reflect on the of life and death. It is a melody that raises questions about the purpose of our existence.
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Jordi Lara
His voice is a whisper in the night, full of mystery.
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Ana Belen Olivares
Feeling alive
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Elisa Coelho
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Martina Castellanos
another level, my kryptonite
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Emma Galindo
makes me feel at peace!
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Liam Caliman
Vibing hard, another level
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Pérola de Moura
how sticky
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María Isabel Gallegos
enveloping rhythm that makes you forget your worries!
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Alice Carcalho
wow, solo wow!
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Théo Alves
He asked me how he has created a song that connects with life, reminding us of the beauty of the world around us.
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Ana Luísa de Aguiar
I love this song, it's super on and it has a cool rhythm. I love this song I passed it to my band for you to listen to. 👌🎶
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