Tune in Together

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Qué vergas me miraba gastando billetes sin escatimar

Me gustan esas luces, las que te acompañan a comprar champán

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Lucas Navarro
I really like how this song has a magical energy and empowerment attitude, it is very inspiring and necessary!
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Davi Miguel Calixto
I love how this song makes use of different harmonies and dissonances to create a dynamic and surprising sound.
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Maria Fernanda de Godoy
I love how the different elements of Esta rola en come together to create a and atmosphere.
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Augusto Bernadini
has such an optimistic and vibe, it always makes me feel as if I can conquer the world.
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Hugo Quiroz
I love how the choir stays in my head and the lyrics are very emotivas.es a hit for me!
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José Ramón Nuez
Without a doubt, it is one of my favorites at the moment.
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Pérola de Moura
This song is so bitchy! It beats the rhythm and the lyrics are really cool!
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Juan José Ramos
I love this song because it has super power lyrics, very deep. And the rhythm is with mother, it makes you want to dance to the floor. I already passed it to my friend so he can listen to it and he liked it a lot. It beats me!
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Manuel Pérez
A unique combination! Captivating rhythm and unforgettable lyrics
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Mercedes Esquivel
This song is really cool! The lyrics turn me on, the rhythm makes me dance and I always recommend it to my friends. I'm in love with it, it's a really cool little rolita.
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