Tune in Together

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Ando como quiero, destapo botellas

Tú ya andas con otro, ni modo, qué pena

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Arturo Quintana
the lyrics in this song are so inspiring and motivating that they always make me think of my long-term goals and goals #excesos.
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María de Lima
I'm not sure I'm going to listen to this song again, but it has something interesting in it.
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Apollo Buzatto
I like to listen when I need to relax and clear my mind.
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Juan Fernando yee tirado(nito)
there are more butts than stars
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Sebastián Flores
It makes me feel that I can explore my thoughts and emotions calmly.
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Cynthia Gutierrez
This song makes me feel like I'm floating in space, it's so ethereal #EXCESOS.
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Andres Rojas
This song makes me move my body, good vibes!
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José Velasco
The lyrics always make me feel deeply understanding of others.
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Cristian Chavez
I love it, its handwriting is sticky.
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Joaquín Luna
is like a musical hug
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João Gabriel Bernardes
puts me in a good mood!😊
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Ravi Abreu Lisboa
is the kind of song that makes me feel like I can tMar the world with one hand!
Rafaela de Alvarenga's avatar
Rafaela de Alvarenga
I really like the rhythm, it is very contagious.
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Bento Betini
The lyrics touch my heart in a special way
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Lívia Cosme
What a rock, I like the chorus
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Martin Costa Braga
Man, this song makes me feel like I'm floating in space. It reminds me of when my ex and I used to listen to it in their car. Someday I'll go back up there.
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with this song I get well coconut
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Agatha da Gama
nel, once I was cool listening to this, I thought of dancing like crazy in my room. As a result, my mom punched me out and I broke my big finger. I think I'd better stay still next time.
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☹ღ×🇱 🇮 🇩 🇪 ×ღ☹
pure seduction pal love I am no good
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