Tune in Together

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E se ele fechar a porta eliane

Continuar adorando

Se ele ficar em silêncio

Continuar adorando

Se ele disser

Não tem que viver seus propósitos

E se eu te colocar no vale

Te fizer perder

Pra depois ganhar

Se eu fechar a porta aberta

Pra depois abrir

Pra você passar

Aí é que eu quero ver

Como tu vai se comportar

E se eu fechar o mar vermelho

Pra você atravessar

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E Se Deus Quiser

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viviangiokaris's avatar
Man, this song can't get out of my head! The beat is addictive and leaves me in an incredible astral. I love how the lyrics are full of meaning, you know? You can feel the emotion in every word. definitely the one I put on full volume and sing along to the studio!
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Cami.Oliveira's avatar
This song makes me feel light, like I'm flying It reminds me of the time when I sang in the studio and my whole house listened!
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LuizFernando_1991's avatar
This song has such a good vibe! I never get tired of listening The lyrics are very deep and the beat is engaging I always put them on repeat.
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Dioselia Rodrigues X's avatar
Dioselia Rodrigues X
I lost a lot, crying, worshiping God, he restored everything today🙏to praise God.
washingtomolivei7's avatar
truth time and his God
nubiaalves7051's avatar
lord my god i hand these situations into your hands father. may your will be done 🙏
estevianesteves's avatar
Strong ...very strongeeeeee
user1382776216659's avatar
I can't sing because I always cry when I try to sing this song 😪
_becaaa's avatar
eita faithful God
Tamires's avatar
nice ❤️❤️❤️
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Fran.sousa ♡♡'s avatar
Fran.sousa ♡♡
beautiful, and the touch in our soul
Ellem Carla Borges🇧🇷's avatar
Ellem Carla Borges🇧🇷
Glory to god beautiful
clarice2020furtado's avatar
I liked
luizaferreira183s's avatar
I liked 👏
adrianadeolivei420's avatar
and isn't it that he really recorded the praise with her 😻🙏🙌🙌How beautiful
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