Tune in Together

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De los corridones bélicos, mi compa Alex

Nos vamos hasta Matamoros, Tamaulipas, viejo

De los corridones, mi compa Tony

Las traiciones no tolero

Yo solito le doy frente

Pa hacerles un cochinero

Muevo en caliente a mi gente

Por acá por Matamoros son bienvenidos

Siempre y cuando no se enreden peleando lo mío

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El Diecinueve

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Lavínia da Cunha's avatar
Lavínia da Cunha
This song is really hard, the flow is brutal and the chorus sticks in his head. I recommended this song to my friend and he already has it on his playlist. The lyrics have a great message that makes you reflect. I really love it!
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Maria Mora
I love that song wey, the lyrics are great and the rhythm is really good, if you haven't listened to it yet, you have to put it ASAP in your playlist, I have recommended it to all my compas and they have become fans too.
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Maria Heloísa de Mendonça's avatar
Maria Heloísa de Mendonça
Weee, this song is so cool! I love the beat and the lyrics are great.
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