Tune in Together

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Te lo advertí

Conmigo estarías mejor, pero no me creíste

Te gusta sufrir

Te lo advertí

Y a la primera pelea bien que me escribiste

Que quieres venir

Te lo advertí, pero no te importó

Para eso somos amigos tú y yo

Si tu pañuelo de lágrimas soy

Cuéntame cómo acabó

¿Qué tal te fue con aquel? ¿Te diste bien?

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Larissa de Paiva
the rhythm of this song is very catchy, I can't stop moving when I listen to it.
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Eva María Avalos's avatar
Eva María Avalos
This song is so cool! The lyrics are really on and the rhythm makes you dance non-stop. I already recommended it to several guys and they all got hooked. Neta, it's pure love what I feel for her.
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Ana Lívia de Mello's avatar
Ana Lívia de Mello
Weeeey, I love this song! The lyrics are cool and the rhythm is very tasty, it always makes me dance. I already recommended them to my friends and they liked it a lot. It is definitely one of my favorites.
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Felix Rosales's avatar
Felix Rosales
I love the chorus and how the voice mixes with the instruments. It's pure flavor!
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Juan Carlos Chavez
It makes me feel happy and want to dance. This song is a hit!
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Carlos Gomez
It's super cool, my beat beat beats and the lyrics are at 100. I've shared it with my squad, everyone loves it.
Francisco Bravo's avatar
Francisco Bravo
It is a song that makes me feel accompanied in my sorrows.
Diego Juarez's avatar
Diego Juarez
is a piece of music that remains in your memory.
Fernando Hernández's avatar
Fernando Hernández
He makes me dance until dawn! Lyrics that resonate in my mind
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