Tune in Together

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Pisteando con unos compas destapé otro botecito porque te quiero olvidar

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Heloíse de Lemos
this song makes me feel an inexplicable emotion, like a mixture of sadness, happiness and sadness all at the same time.
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Isai Chavez
This song fascinates me! I love its tasty rhythm and the lyrics are very catchy. I have recommended it to all my friends
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TikTok Music Latin
What do you think of the song "TRES BOTELLAS" by #JuniorH? Do you think the lyrics reflect well the reality of many people in Mexico? Share your impressions in the comments and discover more music with #Discovery.
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Ramón Suárez
The lyrics of this song are like an echo that resonates in eternity.
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Gabriel Abreu
It is a hymn that many people in the capital can identify with.
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João Guilherme Bonfim
The music has a cadence that makes you dance with the elements.
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Davi Lucas Bispo
one of my favorites of the moment
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Andres Rojas
I love how Ana sings every word with so much passion and sincerity. It's an incredible rrollo!
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Juan Francisco Trejo
I love the beat and the lyrics are very real. It's a song that makes you dance non-stop!
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