Tune in Together

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O TH que tá tocando isso é mandelão

Ghp lança a puta-, lança a p**a pra p**a

Moleque ruim c**o

Fala pra elas Dozabri

Desculpa a hora que eu tô ligando

Eu sei que é tarde da noite mas eu tô te perguntando

Desculpa a hora que eu tô ligando

Eu sei que é tarde da noite mas eu tô te perguntando

Posso brotar no portão pra gente namorar dentro do I30?

Fumando ouvindo um som, tudo lacradão a gente briga

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GabrielRodriguesC's avatar
bro, too much! The rapper's flow is very good, the rhymes are always very sharp. The dance is too engaging, impossible to stand still. The lyrics talk about the experiences of the ravine, but in a very realistic and impactful way. The voice is striking and transmits incredible energy.
GiovannaMello81's avatar
top too! Kind of transports me somewhere else, you know? The dance is engaging and the lyrics are full of feeling Lots of talent included!
mateusousa's avatar
This music certainly has a special place in my heart. It brings me a wonderful sense of silence and reminds me of incredible moments I've lived before. Also, it's impossible not to sing together and make that chorus super loud, hahaha!
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freestyle's avatar
Very good I listen to this song every day
Cristyan's avatar
very good
richstation0's avatar
Bro, I was listening to 'Inside the i30' in the last volume when my neighbor knocked on the door thinking there was a funk dance going on in my apartment.
Ana_Luiza_Santos's avatar
the music Inside the I30 is too addictive, it doesn't leave my head! The way DJs mix with Silva Mc and MC Taliban rhymes is amazing, I can't stop listening. I love the beats and the rhythm, it's a song that makes you want to dance and enjoy it a lot.
Giovanna_Silveira's avatar
I remember listening to Inside the I30 in the car with my best friend. The music brings me a sense of freedom and fun, in addition to the incredible rhymes involved. I love the contagious energy of the dance and the lyrics that make me feel part of the scene.
JulianaMartins_'s avatar
I didn't like the music inside the I30 very much, I found it a bit monotonous and the lyrics didn't really appeal to me. Not my favorite involved
eserabelden's avatar
surprised me with the sound and the unique combination of different musical elements. The lyrics have a strong message about ambition and self-improvement, inspiring you to pursue your goals with determination.
blucas.souza's avatar
guys, inside the I30 it's just batting! The music starts and my body already starts to move alone, it doesn't scream. The lyrics are super animated and the rhythm is too immersive. I love everything in this song, it's for dancing a lot!
dantetraylor's avatar
the vibe of this sound is too much, I can't stand still! The rhythm is too heavy and the lyrics are very sincere, it's reporting everything I'm feeling right now. DJ Dozabri, DJ TH, Silva Mc, Dj Ghp, Mc Taliban is congratulations! 🎶🔥
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the music has a lively dance and the MCs' rhymes fit well. I liked the references made in the lyrics. I found the lyrics a little at times.
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If you want to call me on insta
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MT good
jaqueline_mendonca_'s avatar
Man, this song is amazing! The lyrics are very massive and the dance is super addictive, I already recommended them in general!
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