Tune in Together

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Já não sei se o que sinto é amor

Ou atração

Tem um jeito esquisito de amar

Esse meu coração

Na ausência

Eu sinto saudade

Na presença não sinto verdade

Será amor?

Oh oh oh oh oh

Ou será paixão?

Na ausência eu sinto saudade

Na presença não sinto verdade

Será amor oh oh oh oh oh ou será

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Será Amor ou Será Paixão

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the bulkiest thing of the moment! Only the chorus is pure addiction and the voices of the mines together then? Even better! The arrangement is a mix of modern and audio perfect for everyone to end up in the ballroom. Seriously, I'm already doing the repeat here!
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my God, my passion! It's impossible to stand still with this infectious rhythm. The voices of these incredible singers go perfectly together. What about the lyrics? They speak straight to the heart, with a dash of romanticism and a drop of seduction. I think It Will Be Love or It Will Be Passion is the perfect soundtrack.
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guys, this album is pure success! I loved how these artists brought their voices together and created an incredible sound. Será Amor ou Será Paixão has a romantic and dancing footprint that got me hooked from the first time I heard it. Highlight for Taty Girl and Walkyria Santos, they rock too much! Worth
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about "Será Amor ou Será Paixão" in relation to the instrumentation? Do you think that music production has stood out in music? Share your opinion and be part of #DescobrindoMúsica 🎶
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