Tune in Together

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Kissing and hope they caught us

Whether they like it or not

I wanna show you off, I wanna show you off

I wanna brag about it, I wanna tie the knot

I wanna show you off, I wanna show you off

I wanna show you, yeah, yeah

I wanna show you off, I wanna show you off

I wanna show you, yeah, yeah

I wanna show you off, I wanna show you off

I wanna show you

Hold my hand

You can hit while they watch, boy

So, 9:30?

I'll see you there

No, you hang up

You hang up

Some different about you

Love it when he hit and smack too

Baby, lemme lick on your tattoos

That's true, that I like PDA

Take you to a seedy place

Suck a little d**k in the bathroom

Who that man with the big strong hands

On her ass in the club with the paps?

Baby, that's you

Front seat chillin' with the window down

I be ten toes down on the dash getting' fast food

Hope you can handle the heat

Put your name in the streets

Get used to my fans looking at you

F**k what they heard, I don't F**k with them birds

I'm a mean kitty, don't get stabbed with the rat tooth

Boys be mad that I don't F**k incels

Girls hate too

Gun to their pigtail, I love you

I want a big chill, boy, don't trip

I'll split a big bill

Take you 'round the world

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Agora Hills

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Xtina_'s avatar
Agora Hills is officially my new favorite song, Doja Cats music is fire!
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Jose luis Flores
is perfect for when you need a little courage and courage in your life.
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Maria josefa Cordova
This song always makes me feel like I'm in a science fiction world, with music taking me to unknown planets and distant galaxies.
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xpnsv.daps's avatar
where the stewie??
roπŸ–€πŸ‘ΉπŸͺ's avatar
I love it so much, Doja Cat yess
Bianca de Faria's avatar
Bianca de Faria
the singer's voice in this song is very powerful and emotional, it transmits many sensations and emotions.
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AshhhπŸ”₯'s avatar
Once I visited Agora Hills, and now every time I walk in my backyard I feel like Im in a nature sanctuary. Mother nature, youve outdone yourself! πŸƒπŸŒΏ #agorahills #naturelover
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Luna da Silva
I love how this song has a very energetic and positive sound, it's perfect to start a new day with hope and motivation #AgoraHills.
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ava shirley
Doja Cats Agora Hills just hits different, such a catchy tune that I cant get enough of!
Angelaa's avatar
Just discovered Doja Cat and her song Agora Hills gave me life! Such a vibe!
Joaquim Alvez's avatar
Joaquim Alvez
I love this rolita! The lyrics are really bitchy and the rhythm is great. I have already recommended them to my friends. 🎧πŸ”₯
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I had to pause the music as soon as the chorus started playing loud and excited so my mother wouldn't listen, then it ended up that she entered the room at that time and kept looking at me with a look of disapproval!
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oh dear, Doja Cat be spitting fire on Agora Hills
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Brady McFarlane
I don't like doja cat for that demonic stuff but this song πŸ”₯
steve’s keyboard's avatar
steve’s keyboard
so addicting, want seconds😍
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π“†©π™Ήπš˜πš’π™±πšŽπšŒπš”πšŽπš›π“†ͺ's avatar
Toji Fushiguro vibes, I'm in love with this song, I feel like the hottie in the world, it reminds me of Nanami and Toji by Jujutsu Kaisen, too wonderful. #behindthemusic #discovery #agorahills
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dojo cat this one of her best songs #
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yeah this is so ..
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ig ceg ek
really cool
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