Tune in Together

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Nomás cuando yo quiera

Putas me bailan encueras

Y sí es de a deveras, moviendo feria

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Skin de Bandida

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Maria Laura de Jesus
I love how he uses different sounds and arrangements to create a song that is magical and fascinating. It's a song that makes you feel like you're in a magical world.
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Cristian Suárez
I love this rolita, the lyrics are great and the rhythm is so you can move. I already passed them to the whole crew.
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard "Skin de Bandida" by Oscar Maydon, Junior H, Gabito Ballesteros? What do you think about the instrumentation of the song? Share your impressions in the comments and discover new opportunities for #Discovery!
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pesos pluma
Oscar mayodon. junior h.Gabito ballesteros
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Tomás Rosas
I like the style, it sounds good
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Felix Rosales
after replay
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Ayla Coutinho
has a great reputation
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Javier Rodriguez
makes me move my body at its own pace
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Luis Romero
I don't like the lyrics, they are too superficial.
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Arthur Almeida
Wow, this song is so good that even the TV vibrates with the bass guitar.
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Antônio Barcellos
puts me in a good mood
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Carlos Mart
The prediction might be better, but the lyrics are sticky.
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Thiago Busato
He put me in a good mood, I'll put it on my playlist.
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Gabriel Marínez
It makes me feel like I'm in an epic movie.
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a hello
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and well pulled auuuu
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and well pulled
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