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Não muda a história da gente, iê iê

Tirar a roupa pra outro

Não vai me tirar da mente, iê Iê

Vai sair na sexta só pra tomar uma

E arrumar romance de segunda

Vai entrar no quarto

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Aí Eu Quero Ver (Do Jeito Que Cê Gosta)

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addictive, I can't stop listening! The beats are incredible and always make me want to dance. The lyrics are very meaningful and touch me deeply. I just love the positive vibe that this song conveys. I never get tired of listening!
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I was hearing this here and suddenly my dad came along and thought it was a mantra to call Bob Marley's spirit.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of the instrumentation in "Aí Eu quiero Ver (Do Jeito Que Cê Gosta)" by Fiduma & Jeca and US Agroboy? Did any specific lyrics catch your attention? Share your opinion with us using #DecobrindoMúsica 🎶
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top of but
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I didn't really like this song by Fiduma & Jeca with US Agroboy. I don't think there's anything very striking about it, it ends up being a bit unforgettable. But other people might like it!
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I don't know what happens, but I can't get this song out of my head! It's an infectious feeling of energy, a rhythm that makes you want to dance non-stop. I love the way Fiduma & Jeca, US Agroboy sing together, and the lyrics are just fun. Definitely one of my favorites!
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I found the music lively and with engaging lyrics. I liked the harmony of the duo Fiduma & Jeca with US Agroboy. The chorus is very chic!
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the music transmits joy and animation, making me want to dance and enjoy the moment. The lyrics are relaxed and fun, making them even more contagious. I loved the combination of the voice and the instruments, it was amazing!
RitaLee_meuamor's avatar
pure agitation! Heavy beat and lyrics that stick to my head. I can't stand still when I play. Fiduma & Jeca rock too much!
ZecaPagodinhoVibes's avatar
speaks guys! Fiduma & Jeca is too good, huh? When he starts playing Aí Eu quiero Ver, he beats that rhythm in his foot! It's impossible to stand still, it just makes you want to dance. The lyrics are very lively and the chorus is easy to sing along with. I'm addicted to this song!
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Bro, I was listening to Aí I quiero Ver and I ended up dancing so much that I almost fell off the chair! The music is too good, really addictive! 😂🎵
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