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He said are you serious

I've tried but I can't figure out

I've been next to you all night

And still don't know what you're about

You keep ta-ta-ta-talkin'

But not much comin' out your mouth

Can't you tell that I want you

I say yeah

I would want myself

Baby please believe me

I'll put you through hell

Just to know me yeah yeah

So sure of yourself

Baby don't get greedy

That shit won't end well

No it won't end well

Uh-uh uh-uh-uh uh-uh woo

I see you eyein' me down

But you'll never know much past my name

Or how I'm runnin' this room around

And that I'm still half your age

Yeah you're loo-loo-loo-lookin' at me

Like I'm some sweet escape

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Jessica Flores
the lyrics in this song always make me think about my own mortality and how I should live my life to the fullest every day #greedy.
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Pietra de Morais
This song has very personal and deep lyrics that make me think about my own life and my own existence.
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Bro, if you listen to Tate McRae's Greedy, you feel so hype. The song is so catchy and it feels happy vibes. So support for Tate McRae!
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let's go get greedy✌🏻
𝐒𝖠𝗛 ' !! .. 💭💕's avatar
𝐒𝖠𝗛 ' !! .. 💭💕
amoo, this vibeeee #favoritesong
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Amparo Montiel
The chorus of this song is very emotional and catchy, it always makes me sing at the top of my lungs!
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The greedy has been a constant presence in my life, always wanting more. Its like a bad Tinder match who just wont stop messaging you. #relatable
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Arif Pratama
"Greedy" by Tate McRae is so fire! I really like the beat that makes me want to dance all the time. Tate McRae is really cool!
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Crazy, the song'Greedy 'by Tate McRae really relates to my life! The song feels so good and immediately makes me excited. Can't stop listening!
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ThiagoCarvalho_'s avatar
the style I like the most, you know? The rhythm makes me want to dance and sing together in loud and good sound. Also, the lyrics are super deep, you can feel the emotion in each verse. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel energized and motivated to face any challenge in life. It's simply too much!
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Giovanna de Assis
This song makes you feel as if you were in a romantic French movie.
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ohmygod, im totally obsessed with this song. feelings insanely connected to it. #greedy #tatemcrae
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me and my bf listen to this song everysingle day. #cantgetenough #tatemcrae
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my heart will literally never be the same after this song. sooooooooooooo bad ass #greedy #tatemcrae
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TikTok Music Latin
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TikTok Music Brasil
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I'll put you through hell. Just to know me 😔😔
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Julia Owens
resonates when learning to value myself and stand up for what I believe in🥺
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tate mcrae's vocals make my earwax dance 💃🏽
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Max baby
I have also experienced situations where I felt the need to keep my guard up and protect my emotions😫
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