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La pobreza no es pa' siempre

Y ha quedado demostrado

Que el trabajo mata el hambre

Se lo dije a mi viejita

Que yo iba a alivianarme

Acá andamos en el ruedo

Ya matamos la pobreza

Solo fue cuestión de tiempo

En un Mercedes o Ferrari

Me han mirado transitando

Por diferentes ciudades

Soy amigo del amigo

Muy seguido han de mirarme

Concentrado en mi trabajo

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La Pobreza Buena

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Arthur Almeida
This song has such a catchy rhythm that you can't help but move. Its energy is so contagious that it puts you in a good mood instantly.
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Lucia Zavala
What a magical journey this song gives us! Its melody transports you to distant and exotic places. It is like a passport to adventure that invites you to explore the world.
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Levi Assunção
This song has such a good vibe that it's impossible not to feel happy listening to it. Its rhythm is contagious #LaPobrezaBuena.
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TikTok Music Latin
How did you like "La Pobreza Buena" by Tony Aguirre, Luis R Conriquez and Los Dareyes de la Sierra? Do you like their musical style? Do you already have it on your playlist? Tell us your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery.
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Sebastian Pacheco
This song is really cool, the lyrics have good vibes and the chorus sticks easily to you. Good poverty is a song that makes you feel good about life.
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