Tune in Together

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Siento que a veces no pertenezco al ambiente en que vivo

Tengo metas por cumplir pero ya tantas he cumplido

Los lujos son necesarios, no es por ser materialista

Son como un recordatorio y otra tacha de mi lista

En Modesto me conocen y saben que sido humilde

Pero también cuidadoso, que la envidia es invisible

Por Carmona así me dicen, hombre serio y accesible

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Sarah de Azevedo Fernandes's avatar
Sarah de Azevedo Fernandes
This song has a relaxing rhythm, it is perfect to enjoy on a quiet day. The melody is soft and the lyrics are comforting. The instrumentation is magnificent, it envelops you in an atmosphere of calm and serenity.
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Juan Perez's avatar
Juan Perez
always puts me in a good mood, it's perfect for a Monday morning!
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Vicente Brito's avatar
Vicente Brito
The lyrics always make me reflect and love
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Esther De Angeli's avatar
Esther De Angeli
The rhythm and chorus stay in your mind all day long. I can't stop dancing and singing with her!
Joaquín Luna's avatar
Joaquín Luna
This song always motivates me and makes me want to dance and enjoy life.
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Lucas Navarro's avatar
Lucas Navarro
The lyrics of this song are like a poem of eternal love.
Juan Antonio Medina's avatar
Juan Antonio Medina
It always makes me move and sing
Alan Rodriguez's avatar
Alan Rodriguez
This track is like a dance of colors and sounds that transports me to a parallel universe full of magic and!
Jaime Bautista's avatar
Jaime Bautista
The lyrics of this song are like a reflection of the human soul.
Angel Mendoza's avatar
Angel Mendoza
The voice is unique and the melody is very moving. I can't stop listening to it!
Isabella Cerqueira's avatar
Isabella Cerqueira
I love this song, I passed the information to my friends!
Luan Brunelli's avatar
Luan Brunelli
Plus, the rhythm is perfect for dancing anywhere. It's a total hit!
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