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The truth is bulletproof

There's no foolin' you

I don't dress the same

Me and who you say

I was yesterday

Have gone our separate ways

Left my livin' fast

Somewhere in the past

'Cause that's for chasin' cars

Turns out open bars

Lead to broken hearts

And going way too far

I know I used to be crazy

I know I used to be fun

You say I used to be wild

I say I used to be young

You tell me time has done changed me

That's fine, I've had a good run

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Used To Be Young

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#MileyCyrus released a new song full of excitement and sadness, as well as a reconciliation with her past. This single has been described as an open letter of love to her past experiences and what's to come. #Fact
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Ever heard the song "Used To Be Young" by #MileyCyrus? 🎤 I love emotional lyrics, referencing moments in your career. What's your favorite part? Tell us your opinion in the comments and participate in #DecobrindoMúsica 🎧💬
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The voice of #MileyCyrus is a spectacle!!!! She has certainly had many experiences since the beginning of her career 😢 It is important to recognize the difficulties that can arise in dealing with fame from a young age.
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TikTok Music Latin
What are the most successful Miley Cyrus songs you would recommend for someone who has never heard her music before? #Discovery
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miley SLAYED my ears 🔥
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Ana Júlia de Abreu
This rolita is cool, she has a very relaxed vibe and the artist's voice is super soft, nice.
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I loved this song
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di ★
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