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¿Qué tiene él que yo no tengo?

Traté de ser mejor todo el tiempo

Me cambiaste por otro que no sabe querer

¿Cómo piensas que voy a ser el mismo de ayer?

Si por ti yo cambié

Y aún me dejaste

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Laís de Chaves
This song has very powerful and motivating lyrics that make you feel like you can overcome any obstacle. It is a song that makes you feel strong and brave.
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Jade de Figueiredo
This song is the best! I love the rhythm and the lyrics, I always recommend it to my friends. I can't stop dancing!
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TikTok Music Latin
#DannyLux gained her fame through the TikTok platform, where her first cover, "Porque Me Enamoré" by Ulices Chaidez and Sus Plebes, became popular among the platform's users. #Fact
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Jorge Enriquez
I love its energy and how it makes me feel happy. a song to listen to at a party!
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Bryan Araújo
This song is like a journey through time! The music is very nostalgic and the lyrics are very timeless.
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Théo Alves
I love the collaboration of the artists and the lyrics are so much fun. I've already learned the complete choreography!
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TikTok Music Latin
What do you think of the song "Me Cambiaste" by Danny Lux, Eslabon Armado? Do you like the instrumentation or the lyrics? Do you already have it on your playlist? #Discovery
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Luiz Miguel Brandão
The lyrics are witty and the rhythm is addictive. I can't stop listening to them!
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "ME CAMBIASTE" by #DannyLux, #EslabonArmado features a mainly guitar, bass and drum instrumentation. The lyrics are romantic and talk about the person who changed the singer's life. #Review
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Sara Franco
I love the melody of this song, but the lyrics are a little sad for my taste, nevertheless, will continue to play on my playlist!
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