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Jesus quero declarar teu nome

Sobre toda mente e coração

Pois sei que existe paz em tua presença

Clamo jesus

Jesus quero declarar teu nome

Quebrando os vícios dessa geração

Declaro que a esperança e liberdade

Clamo jesus

Teu nome é cura é poderoso

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Clamo Jesus

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jonhas Algusto
how much virtue I feel when listening to this praise, simply beautiful, strong and full of virtue, God be praised always, may everyone who hears him be blessed always... #Discovering #louvoreadoracao
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bro, like a warm hug on a cold afternoon. It's a sound that makes you sit back and fast forward in life, you know? The lyrics are incredible, full of poetry, and the rhythm is very smooth, with that voice that sounds like an angel singing. It is a true song of love for life and the universe.
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Guys, I was listening to this song at full volume and my aunt thought I was having a fit! Hahaha, she came running and I was just enjoying
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Vanderlei G Fernandes Jr
too beautiful, how good it is to declare the name of Jesus 🙌
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TikTok Music Brasil
🎵 What do you think of the song "Clamo Jesus" performed by Paulo Baruk and Marsena? Do you like the instrumentation of the song? #Discovering 🎶
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beautiful, very beautiful this song
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Bruna Maia
too beautiful 🩷🩷🩷
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Danielly Pereira
#Clam Jesus!!!🎶🙏❤️
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Filha do Rei
beautiful this strong song, we must firmly declare that the Kingdom and the power of God be manifested over this generation.
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Leia Santos7241
Nice praise 👏🏽👏🏽
Clau Rocha💞's avatar
Clau Rocha💞
how good it is to praise and worship God with this beautiful praise, this version is wonderful ❤️🙏
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Glory to God ❤ beautiful praise
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This praise is beautiful! The Portuguese version was beautiful. Very well interpreted. Glory to God! 🙏🏾🔥🙌🏾
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A prayer we need to say every day!
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Maria Silva
All Honor and Glory be given to him the King of Kings
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Douglas Silva
praise inspired by the Holy Spirit. god be praised
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all glory to god
user508129617128's avatar
tremendous praise in worship of Jesus.
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