Tune in Together

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Taca fogo no verdin com balão no carlton

Vulgo vilão já é shawty senta chapada e solta o beat

Ai pra mim o que eu esbagaço

é o trap é o funk eu sou maluco no pedaço

E ela joga gostosin sem descer do salto

Se der brecha cai na flecha do cupido

Que é treinado e grita olhando pra mim

Uh bebo tu é brabo

Manda aquele sorrisin mas eu brisei no rebolado

Que é privê no camarim

Degustar o sabor do green

Vai quicar no talentin

Só no pente alongado e diz que adora em mim

O meu ouro puxadin sua bandida se eu te pego

Que é puxado

é que a fama é de vilão

O coração blindade'

A reputação é que eu não valho um centavo em brasil

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Fama de Vilão

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amazing too! Beats are everything and the lyrics are something that goes straight to the heart. I feel overpowered when I listen to them, as if I could conquer the world! There's no way to stand still when this song is playing, it's a lot of good energy!
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Caraca! I was listening to this song on the bus and I started singing loudly, but the guys weren't liking it. Then I stopped, right? Well done
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Fama de Vilão" with instrumentation that mixes elements of classical and trap music, with strong beats and striking synthesizers. The lyrics speak of the artist's fame and success. The melody is simple and, with short verses and an easy-to-sing chorus. #Ecclesial Review
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good dms
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TikTok Music Brasil
Greek is known for his ability to mix different musical genres such as hip-hop, EDM and reggaeton, creating a unique and energetic sound. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which artists would you recommend to those who like Greek, ÉaBest? #Discovering
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that this🔥🔥
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Cristiano Quintanilia
top too much, there are mornings
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are you going to release the song of your ex who set his things on fire? the music was top
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