Tune in Together

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Você tinha tudo pra tá aqui

Ser o meu motivo pra sorrir

A parte mais bonita do meu sonho

A pessoa do lado da foto

A razão da frase que eu posto

O bom-dia quando eu acordo

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Minha Saudade

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bro, this song makes me travel dance and lyrics so true! I feel like I wrote exactly what I'm feeling. Guitar and bass come together perfectly, and when the voice comes in, it's like everything fits together. I can't stop listening!
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The song "Minha Saudade" by #VitorFernandes and Pablo has an instrumentation that includes guitar, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The lyrics talk about missing a lost love and the melody is and dancing. #alReview
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Bro, I was here listening to this song, when my grandmother comes and asks if I'm listening to that song from 'Nego da Piroca'. I almost died of shame, kkkkk!
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What would be the best Vitor Fernandes-like song you could recommend to a fan? #Discovering
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Vitor Fernandes has already been identified as one of the main representatives of the new forró. With an ambitious style and a striking voice, the singer is successful on stages and digital platforms. #Curiosity
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Tati Rodrigues351
linda d++++
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Anna Marya
this song is too beautiful 😍
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Kelly Santos 😜
Darn that brought me a strong memory
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Carlos Henrique Licu
with these two together there is a lot of suffering # Vitor Fernandes
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Aninha Ferreira
Doe in there this song amooooo
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Eliane Silva
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mercury or liter
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❤Jane ❤
top top too much, reminds me of a #VitorFernandes
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