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Tem mais de dez formas de dizer te amo

Nove delas você ainda não conhece

Oito horas e ainda nem deu bom dia

Sendo que cê sai pra trabalhar às sete

Cês deviam ter se cuidado melhor

Mais de cinco caras querem seu lugar

Quatro deles você chama de amigo

É a terceira vez que eu tentei te avisar

Hoje era pra ser vocês dois

Em cima daquele altar

Você foi deixando pra depois

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Zero Chances

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a blast! the lyrics talk about that moment when you realize that love is over, but the song is so lively that it makes you want to go dancing. the chorus is too sticky and I'm already happy just thinking about it. it's the kind of music that lifts the astral!
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Look, I need to confess that this song made me feel a mixture of emotions, you know? While she gave me the creeps early on, I thought it would be more of the same. But the voice completely won me over and I was impressed by the lyrics, which made me scream.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which lyric from "Zero Chances" caught your attention the most? And what was the instrumentation part you liked the most? Share your thoughts on the music by Akatu, Chris MC and Djonga and join #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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Graciele Silvia
mine and the truth this song
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Man, I was listening to that and laughing like an idiot, then my dog started barking and my mom thought I had gone crazy!
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