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Escolhe a posição que eu vou dançar

Sem papo furado

Cê tá ai

Pensando em mim não sei se tá claro

Que eu sou bem melhor

Sozinho te deixei de lado

Foi aí que eu me perdi lembranças no quarto

Aquela sua lingerie me arrependi que recaída

Quem desarrumou com a minha vida

Quica f**a ela não anda desfila ( quica)

(quica )fica mais linda quando tá por cima

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Escolhe a Posição

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bro, sinister! the beats are phenomenal and the lyrics are super deep, I get goosebumps every time I hear them. The vibe is a bit nostalgic and reminds me of highlights in my life. You know that sound you hear on repeat all day? This is my current one.
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#MCGabzin is a 24-year-old reggae singer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is recognized for his unique approach to traditional Brazilian reggae songs and his own original songs. #Curiosity
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Man, I was listening to this song when my cat decided the beat was perfect for climbing over the keyboard. It was better than Daft Punk!
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I can't take out Choose Head Position! The dance is very engaging, Mc Gabzin's flow is and the DJs complete it all. The chorus is sticky and I'm already dancing just remember. It's a song you need to listen to!
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I didn't find anything too much in Choose the Position. Something innovative was missing and the beats aren't as engaging. It's not a song that got me excited
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choose Position is the real vibe, eh! It's impossible to stand still when this song starts to play. Gabzin, TAK VADIÃO and Sv rocked the production, creating an infectious rhythm and beats that make us move to the ground. I'm addicted to this song!
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it's too nostalgic, it reminds me of that good time when you could join the crowd to enjoy a sound. The rappers' flow is incredible and the dance is addictive. I love the vibe they pass!
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this song is amazing! I loved the dance and the lyrics too. DJ TAK VADIÃO, DJ SV and Mc Gabzin rocked too much! I need to listen more often!
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TikTok Music
The song "Choose the Position" has as instrumentation the combination of electronic sounds with an intense funk dance . The melody is marked by the repetition of phrases and a dancing chorus. #Reviewal
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Can you suggest some songs similar to the style of Mc Gabzin, DJ TAK VADIÃO, and DJ SV? #Discovering
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Reggae Singer ?
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