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Direto pra Base

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heck, that's too good vibe music! The lyrics are super poetic, and the mix of instruments are too massive, I really cut the footprint of the guitar and the drummer. Every time I listen, it feels like I'm in a quiet place, you know? I don't even know how many times I've put it on repeat!
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Shit, I'm laughing here until 2022! I was listening to this song on the job and without wanting to start dancing. Then they delivered a customer just in time, imagine the monkey kkkk
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TikTok Music Brasil
The track "Direto pra Base" features a funk dance with contemporary instrumentation, while its lyrics exalt the MC's lifestyle. The melody is characterized by a lively, chorus, which creates an irresistible invitation to dance. #Editorial #Review
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reminds me a lot of school days, when people gathered at the back of the court to dance and sing together. I love the MCs' dance and rhymes, always lively and contagious!
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just the ruffle! Straight to Base makes me want to roll to the ground! I love the immersive rhythm of Dj Caio Vieira and the rhymes of Mc Menor Thalis. With DJ WG DO SS in charge, there's no way to stop. It's too much, animal!
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I wasn't very captivated by this song, I think I missed something that really caught my attention. Maybe it's just one more of many I've heard out there
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it's very top! It sticks to your head all day. The dance is engaging and the chorus is addictive. I love watching the guys dancing when they play!
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the vibe too heavy! I didn't know about this partnership, but Dj Caio Vieira, Mc Menor Thalis and DJ WG DO SS sealed together! The dance is engaging and the lyrics stick to the mind, it's to enjoy in the flow!
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs do you recommend for anyone who is a fan of Dj Caio Vieira, Mc Menor Thalis and DJ WG DO SS? #Discovering Share your opinion in the comments!
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⚫Samers Shop 🟡
too insane, this one is pure kkkkk
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