Tune in Together

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E olha como ela vem, toda de vestidinho da Prada

Quando você chega, fica tudo bem

Seu cheiro não quer mais ir embora da minha casa

Meu coração é teu, ele não é de mais ninguém

Me fala, o que que tem?

Toda marrenta, esse ego não tem pra ninguém

A gente briga e se resolve e fica tudo bem

Nosso vídeo no TikTok, todos viram trend

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Primeira Dama

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very manner! The dance is very tasty and makes you want to dance non-stop. The lyrics are also very cool, it talks about feeling life and enjoying every moment. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel a good energy and I feel more animated. It is definitely one of my favorites!
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "First Lady" has an immersive rhythm that mixes elements of hip-hop and trap. The instrumentation is composed of loud beats and electronic sounds. The melody is simple but well produced, creating an intense and dancing atmosphere. #Ecclesial Review
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I was hearing this stop and it scared me when Siri activated out of nowhere saying What can I do for you?. I had to turn it off right away!
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reminds me of family parties, with everyone dancing in the living room at home. I love the dance and the fun lyrics of the music. I always like to listen!
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I confess that First Lady did not captivate me much. dance did not arrest me and the lyrics did not call me much attention. There was a lack of differential to conquer me
carolina.rodrigues's avatar
this song has an infectious rhythm! I couldn't stop listening from the first time. I loved the combination of different voices. Chefin, Mainstreet, No Beat, Neconbeat rocked!
Larissa_Carvalho's avatar
a rock! The dance won't let me stop for a second, the will to dance is uncontrollable. The voices combine perfectly and the rhythm is immersive. Chefin, Mainstreet, Portugal No Beat and Neconbeat rocked this production, it's a hit that never leaves my head!
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does not leave my head! The chorus is very addictive and the beat is immersive. Chefin's voice mixes perfectly with that of the other artists. I simply loved it!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you have any suggestions for artists or songs similar to Chefin, Mainstreet, Portugal No Beat, and Neconbeat? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Chefin is an artist who became known for his talent as a music producer and sound engineer. He has worked with several artists across the country. #Curiosity
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