Tune in Together

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Haciendo business y buscando la manera

De acomodarme, así empezaba mi carrera

Chambeando bien


Así empezaba

Poco a poquito se empezaban a abrir puertas

Las malas rachas se convirtieron en buenas

Y ahora ando bien

Mercedes Benz

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Buenas Rachas

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João Gabriel Bernardes
This song is the best! The lyrics are super interesting and the rhythm is hilarious. I've already recommended them to all my friends 🙌! #music #fun.
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already added "Buenas Rachas" by Tony Aguirre, Luis R Conriquez and Los Dareyes de la Sierra to your playlist? What do you think of the lyrics of the song? Share your thoughts in the comments and join #Discovery. 🌟
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and to touch the one in 701
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Maria Flor de Moraes
I'm not very convinced by this song with good streaks, I feel that the beat lacks sparkle and the lyrics are very.
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