Tune in Together

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Com a bolsa da chanel no braço

Ou uma sacolinha de supermercado

Com dolce gabanna no pé

Ou até mesmo um chinelo remendado

Com mais de um milhão de seguidores

Ou mais menos conhecida aí no bairro

Eu ia te amar do mesmo jeito

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Sete Bilhões

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too much! the lyrics have some super deep sentences, and when the chorus starts playing, my whole body gets goosebumps. the dance is perfect, the instrumental is amazing and I can't stop listening. it's one of my favorites for sure!
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A fan of Nadson O Ferinha, could you recommend other songs that have the same musical style? #Discovering
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"Sete Bi" is a lively forró with guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. The lyrics talk about humanity and how each person is unique, but we are all the same in terms of feelings. The melody is captivating and invites you to dance. #alReview
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this song is very beautiful
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#ly enters Korean Alazim taking Guanabara
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TikTok Music
Nadson O Ferinha chose to pursue a solo career in 2017 and continues to be successful in the Brazilian music scene. #Curiosity
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Alexandreinaciodeazevedo Inaciod
very good this song to take a heart
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sings too much 👏👏🤩
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Fernando Silva
I would love you the same way 🥳
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Fernando Silva
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too good 🎶
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cleisson silva
top too much, only those who know how to love will understand the depth of this melody
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i love this 🎧
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Juninho Lopes
the Best,🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷
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It looks like shit like that.
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Elieni Eliene
this song is very funny, I thank my husband for choosing me, I love him so much, I won the lottery.
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I love this song of passion
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I love it too much ❤️
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Dienefer Gois
Nadson ends up cmg 😮‍💨😍❤️
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