Tune in Together

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Antes de tu ir postar me bloqueia

Tudo que for inventar me bloqueia

Pra eu não ter que desmentir aqui

Tudo que tu posta sobre mim

Publicou que não quer mais meu beijo

Que lavou as fronhas só pra sair o meu cheiro

Que apagou o meu contato e que tá bem

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pow, bro! This song by Nadson O Ferinha is top too! The rhythm is immersive and makes me want to dance non-stop! The lyrics are rocking, they talk about love in a sincere and authentic way. Not to mention Nadson's voice, which is surreal! There's no way not to fall in love with Posta Aí! I love it too much!
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fuck democrats bro! the lyrics are quite deep and make me reflect on things in life. the dance is engaging and makes me want to dance non-stop. whenever I'm down, I put this song to play and it lifts my spirits on the spot.
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Nadson O Ferinha is known for his romantic lyrics and his own forró style, which won over fans in several regions of Brazil. #Curiosity
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beautiful music ❤️❤️
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TikTok Music
What other songs do you recommend to anyone who is a fan of Nadson The Wound? #Discovering
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TikTok Music
#NadsonOFerinha presents a stylized forró dance in "a Aí," with emphasis on the accordion and percussion. The lyrics talk about the danger of social networks and excessive exposure on the internet. The melody is lively and invites to the rhythm of the drag-foot. #Ecclesial #Review
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Nadson is a real beast. only top songs
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😭😭😭 stone in the horn
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Fernando Silva
ball show @
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Andreia Pereira
very beautiful songs by nadison feirinha
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Maria Fernanda
nadson the sore
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Joyciely Ventura
funny guy to me here thinking about who I can't think of. 🤡🤡
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Who thinks they should have Chill Out with Ferinha every Saturday now on vacation.
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nadson for someone will die with your songs
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Lanne Cristina
linda music
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Sheila Mesquita
Nadson I love you disgraced
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João Victor JB
Fucking nadson kkkk will be the way to have one now 🤌🏽😕🤣🤣
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Lucia Santos
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