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Hora exata no momento errado

Quando o coração já tava totalmente congelado

Você chegou tão de repente com seu jeito

Atraente conquistando seu espaço

Em vinte e quatro horas não saia do meu pensamento

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Passa Tempo

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wonderful, I can't stop listening! The lyrics are so poetic and the beats make me so excited. It's like music engages me and makes me forget about everything else. Without a doubt, it will be part of my playlist for a long time.
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On TikTok, #NadsonOFerinha has more than 100,000 published videos and has already reached more than 100 million views. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
"Passa Tempo" is composed of an instrumentation that includes guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The lyrics talk about the need to enjoy life and not waste time. The melody is lively and dancing. #Reviewal
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passes Time transports me directly to school times, when I listened with my friends. I love the dance and lyrics of the song, it's perfect for singing along and having fun. It's one of those songs that always brings back a happy memory.
Brunasssilveira's avatar
pure fire! The rhythm makes me want to dance all night. The beats are insane and the lyrics are very lively. I'm loving the flow of Nadson The Ferinha, he's so much!
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a rock, there's no way to stand still listening to Nadson the Beast's Time! The rhythm is contagious and the lyrics make you want to dance until your foot hurts! Listen to the way Nadson sings, he knows how to cheer the crowd up! #soudosamba
petermahfood4's avatar
it's not a song that catches my attention. She lacked something to make her unique and memorable
tavinholiveira's avatar
the lyrics of Passa Tempo made me reflect on how fleeting life is and how much we need to value the present. The soft melody combined with Nadson's sweet voice thrilled me. A simple song, but with a deep message
RafaelaPereira1998's avatar
Nadson The Weasel is stuck on my head! The dance is too enveloping and you can't stand still. Listen to the lyrics too, it talks a lot about life inside
Giovanna_Machado's avatar
I found the mixture of rhythms in the music interesting and the chorus is very striking. However, the lyrics are a little and lacked a little more emphasis in the composition
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I don't know if it was the song or the caipirinha, but right after Passa Tempo I almost took a tumble trying to dance like Nadson! 😂🕺
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TikTok Music
What songs do you recommend to those who like the musical style of Nadson The Wound? #Discovering
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