Tune in Together

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Esse é o Ws da igrejinha

O fantasminha camarada

Tô pelos acesso da igrejinha de kenner e blusa de time

Avista minha tropa

Nós para tudo ela fica louca

é novidade que aqui nós te pega firme

Olhou pro suporte pensou que eu formo na boca

Minha cara de quem não vale deixa ela fraca

Quer me encontrar rua da água

O ws falou que ela não tem medo de nada

Então hoje ela vai ver os fantasminha camarada

Quer me encontrar rua da água

Quer me encontrar rua da água

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Pelos Acessos

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oh too much! whenever I listen, I feel my heart speed up and my mind relax, everything at the same time. the lyrics have phrases that make me reflect on my life, and the rhythm is simple but so addictive that I can't stand still. undoubtedly one of my favorites.
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TikTok Music Brasil
MC Kevin o Chris is one of the main artists of carioca funk today and gained prominence with hits such as "É O Fluxo" and "Vamos pra Gaiola." #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song Pelos Acessos has a mixture of musical elements, such as strong beats of carioca funk, a strong chorus and lyrics that address the daily life of the favelas. #Editorial Review
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the music touched me deeply with its lyrics that address contemporary themes in a magical way. The soft melody and emotional voice only intensified my emotions
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my friend's aunt came in when I was hearing this and started dancing thinking I had become a DJ, it was hilarious
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the music has very touching lyrics, and the voice is excellent. I just didn't like the musical arrangement so much, I found it a little.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What similar songs do you recommend? #Discovering
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Jun e tb tu tyrg
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karen dias
The most anticipated 🤩
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everything, yellow man another stone, little red hat guarded with evil wolf 🔊🙅🐺
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first comment just waiting for this stone 🔥💥
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