Tune in Together

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Te amo deus

Tua graça nunca falha

Todos os dias

Eu estou em tuas mãos

Desde quando me levanto

Até eu me deitar

Eu cantarei da bondade de deus

és fiel em todo o tempo

Em todo o tempo

Tu és tão tão

Bom com todo o fôlego que tenho

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Bondade de Deus (feat. Marcos Almeida)

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The sweet presence of the Holy Spirit in this praise 😍
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LuizFernando_1991's avatar
The vibe of incredible! The lyrics are powerful and the dance is engaging I can't stop dancing when I listen It's my favorite at the moment
brunaoliveira.94's avatar
Heavenly bro, this song is really top notch! I remember when I heard it for the first time, I ended up dancing like crazy at the party! The vibe is too contagious, bro!
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This song is pure learning, I can't get enough of listening.
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Clau Rocha💞
"Goodness of God" is one of the most beautiful praises of today, I remember that when I heard the first time, I felt the presence of the holy spirit strong in my life, it is my favorite praise, I will never forget how good God is to me in everything, even with my flaws and weaknesses. I love you GOD❤️🙏
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