Tune in Together

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Elohim Deus acima de todos


Deus provedor

Rafah tu és o Deus da cura

E a fé

O Grande Eu Sou

Há poder no nome de Jesus

Há poder no nome de Jesus

Em Teu nome as muralhas cai

Se você crer que neste nome há

Poder, diga mais forte há poder

Há poder no nome de Jesus

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Em Teu Nome

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felipeSousa's avatar
bro, very top! The dance is addictive, the lyrics are deep and touch my soul. I feel at peace when I listen, but at the same time I want to go dancing around. And the way she sings is just amazing, full of feeling. I love it too.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Have you heard the song "E m Teu Nome"? I just love the instrumentation and the lyrics! Which lyrics are your favorite? For me, this song transports me to a moment of deep connection with God. And you? Share with me your opinion about this amazing song! 🙏 #Discovering
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Wow, as I was listening to this, my mom walked into the room asking me if everything was okay because I was laughing alone. It improved my mood quickly!
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the moment I heard In Your Name, my cat jumped on the table, danced with me, and was meowing in my ear. It was too funny!
IsabelaCosta_'s avatar
sorry, but In Your Name didn't catch my attention. The lyrics and melody are a bit generic and didn't leave a lasting impact on me
victor_pereira's avatar
this song drives me really crazy! It's addictive! The harmony of the voices is out of series and the lyrics are super uplifting!
carlosRocha_'s avatar
the song In Your Name is very engaging and with inspiring lyrics. I found Carol's participation in the vocals interesting. I really liked it!
LucasMendes.83's avatar
this song brings me a sense of peace and hope. The voices match perfectly, and the lyrics are a beautiful declaration of love and worship.
marcosPereira_sulistamusical's avatar
this song brings a delicious creativity that reminds me of beautiful moments I've lived. I like the way the melody and lyrics convey peace and hope. This is one of those songs that leads us to reflect on our journey and on who really matters in our lives.
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Ana Paula Psil 🌹
@@lchimistís Eros í
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