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'Tá preocupado com o que eu vou falar

Quando alguém perguntar o motivo da gente largar

Eu vou falar a verdade

Se isso te incomoda

Pensasse antes de ter feito

O que chama de erro, eu chamo de escolha

Ou quer me convencer que alguém colocou uma arma na sua cabeça e falou

"Beija minha boca?"

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A Culpa É Nossa

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TikTok Music Brasil
Maiara, from the duo Maiara & Maraisa, studied violin from 5 to 18 years old, but gave up the instrument to dedicate himself to country music. #Curiosity
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several kisses.
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says that it's our fault, since he doesn't want to say that it's his fault
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TikTok Music Brasil
What are your favorite songs from Maiara & Maraisa? Any recommendations from artists with a similar style? 🎶 #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
"A Culpa É Nossa (Ao Vivo)" is a country ballad with instrumentation on guitar, guitar and keyboard. The lyrics talk about a love that didn't work out and the consequences of the end. The melody is soft and captivating, and highlights the vocal harmony of the sisters. #Ecclesial #Review
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Nildes Kemil
with the moon
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Zé Vaqueiro
very beautiful
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mandrak Barasil0/100
i accept the best songs in falow for tike toke instragan
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mandrak Barasil0/100
non-universal falow
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Sara Rhaniellen Nunes
i love ❤❤ maiara and maraisa songs
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Maria Rita
very good #music #top
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Luiza Santos
This song is really vdd
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love d+
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that it's our fault ❤️❤️
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🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
"I think few things in life have such great power to trigger emotions as music. Because there is always a song that fits every situation. It's always the perfect add-on. Because songs bring memories, move, boost, make you laugh and make you cry and make everything much more intense. Well, you might think I'm crazy, but my life has a soundtrack, even if sometimes it's just playing in my head, I always think of one song for each moment."💞💞
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Mah Perereira
that guilt and our ❤️
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morena gostosa 🙂🤪😏😘😁😁😁
I love this song I started with a wedding and realized that he is a 😋
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you're worrying about what I'm going to talk about...... adoreooo
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very good these songs
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