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Moon a hole of light

Through the big top tent up high

Here before and after me

Shinin' down on me

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My Love Mine All Mine

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Turn off the lights, listen to Mitski's My Love Mine All Mine. This song is so cool, it will make your heart melt. Keep supporting Mitski! Fun fact: Mitski went to NYU and wrote this song when he was really stressed during the exam.
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Just listened to Mitski's My Love Mine All Mine, it immediately made me hooked! The song is nice to hear and the lyrics are also very relate to life after a breakup. Mitski is really cool!
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Woah, My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski is a total bop! Suara dan liriknya ngena banget. Can't wait to vibe to it again! Waktunya turn up the volume!
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coming back from work in the crowded subway and this one on the phone, it has already become routine 🧖🏻‍♀️
ִֶָ  🏹 ଓ ᩚ 𝐆𝗂ɦ  ᳝ ࣪'s avatar
ִֶָ 🏹 ଓ ᩚ 𝐆𝗂ɦ ᳝ ࣪
me sinto em paz escutando essa música as vezes eu choro😻🤷‍♀️
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Augusto Bernadini
Sometimes you just need that song that can make you cry and vent all your emotions.
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Alfonso Avila
El estribillo de esta rola es un canto de esperanza y resiliencia, con su letra inspiradora que te anima a levantarte después de cada caída. Es como un faro en la tormenta, guiándote hacia un futuro lleno de posibilidades y oportunidades
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Pietro Assumpção
The lyrics always inspire me to be stronger and to move forward even in the most difficult moments.
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Mitskis masterpiece My Love Mine All Mine has me in my feelings - I never knew I needed a song to hype me up and make me cry simultaneously 🙌🏼
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Mitskis lyrics speak to my soul. Her raw and emotional sound makes me feel like Im not alone in my struggles.
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I never thought a song could capture the essence of my relationship so perfectly. Mitskis words and melody are like a balm for my heart.
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TikTok Music Latin
¿Qué te parece la canción "My Love Mine All Mine" de Mitski? ¿Te gusta la forma en que utiliza los instrumentos en esta canción en particular? ¡Compártenos tus opiniones! #Mitski #MusicDiscovery 💬
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steve’s keyboard
My heart shattered into pieces listening to this song. It brought back memories of a lost love and left me in tears.
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TikTok Music Brasil
O que achou da música "My Love Mine All Mine" do Mitski? A instrumentação te surpreendeu? Qual trecho da letra mais te chamou a atenção? Compartilhe sua opinião e participe do #DescobrindoMúsica 🎧
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ryan rakhel
my comfort song💗
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the one who seek's peace
my heart to you
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This song reminds me of the girl that my school that I like a lot I don't know if she laughs 🤭
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dang her voice slick as oil on a pan
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"maaf aku tidak bisa mencintaimu sehebat dulu , aku hanya mengosongkan hati yg telah kau kecewakan kembali"
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