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Saben que Jalisco es su casa

Y que al señor nada se le pasa

Veintidos estados y contando

Claro, se le extraña el hijo al mando

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Ana maria Salinas's avatar
Ana maria Salinas
the melody of this song has a touch of melancholy, but at the same time it is very hopeful.
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Tomás Castro's avatar
Tomás Castro
This rolita is my life (and yours too). It brings a smile to my face, fills me with energy, and I even sing it when I don't feel like doing anything! !🙌
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TikTok Music Latin
Peso Pluma's "Su Casa," Luis R Conriquez was the result of a collaboration between the producer and the artist while they were in a recording studio. The track was created in less than an hour. #Fact
Diego Juarez's avatar
Diego Juarez
Not bad, but not my favorite either.
Bento Betini's avatar
Bento Betini
It's sounding fresh, good vibes
Emilio Sandoval's avatar
Emilio Sandoval
What an impressive voice! 🎤👏🏼 But I don't like the rhythm that much. 🙅🏽‍♀️
Theodoro Boldrin's avatar
Theodoro Boldrin
is ideal for days when I need a little introspection.
Ícaro Campos's avatar
Ícaro Campos
Very good rhythm, made me move my foot
Paul Dominguez's avatar
Paul Dominguez
It gives me a good vibe, very sticky.
Domingo Rangel's avatar
Domingo Rangel
is like a ray of on a gray day
Jose Antonio Sanchez's avatar
Jose Antonio Sanchez
always gives me an optimistic attitude about life.
Roberto Estrada's avatar
Roberto Estrada
is a boring thing for my taste
Tomás Rosas's avatar
Tomás Rosas
it simply makes me want to run a or climb a mountain.
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TikTok Music Latin
If you like Peso Pluma and Luis R Conriquez then you will love discovering the music of Omar Apollo. With a style that mixes R&B, soul and Latin pop, his music will make you move your feet and feel all the feelings. Omar Apollo is an emerging artist who is building his way in the music scene, don't miss it! #Discovery
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TikTok Music Latin
The melody of #PesoPluma's "Su Casa" is a combination of electronic, hip hop and pop music. The song's lyrics talk about the importance of feeling safe in your home. The instrumentation includes synthesizers and an acoustic guitar. #Review
Patricia Pineda's avatar
Patricia Pineda
I didn't like the beat and the lyrics were a bit cool.
Ivan Juarez's avatar
Ivan Juarez
Oh daddy, she's the best from the album.
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