Tune in Together

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La people anda activa allá en Culiacán

Quisieron apresar

Al joven que comanda la capital

No se lo pudieron llevar

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Chloe de Miranda
This song has a very lively and danceable rhythm that makes you feel as if you were in a carnival in Brazil. It is a song that makes you feel the joy and celebration of Brazilian music.
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Ayla Coutinho
This song is really cool, I love the lyrics and the beat. I already put it on repeat and I recommend it to my friends.
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TikTok Music Latin
The song LA PEOPLE by #PesoPluma,Tito Double P is a single from the album "Génesis." The instrumentation includes a mix of sounds characteristic of regional Mexican. The melody is soft and relaxed, with a distinctive rhythm. #Review
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Pedro Miguel Campagnaro
Annotated to repeat
Alice Carcalho's avatar
Alice Carcalho
What a rolon, fixed on my playlist
Lucas Navarro's avatar
Lucas Navarro
How have I not heard this before?
Júlia Conceicao's avatar
Júlia Conceicao
I can't stop dancing with
Dulce María Lujan's avatar
Dulce María Lujan
Takes me to a world of fantasy
Josué Camargo's avatar
Josué Camargo
Who else has it on loop?
Guillermo Silva's avatar
Guillermo Silva
Reminds me of times
Diego Juarez's avatar
Diego Juarez
A work of musical art
Alejandra Angeles's avatar
Alejandra Angeles
Straight to my playlist
Enzo Barone's avatar
Enzo Barone
He always manages to put me in a good mood
Pedro Lucas Calliman's avatar
Pedro Lucas Calliman
It gives me goose bumps
Ana Luísa de Aguiar's avatar
Ana Luísa de Aguiar
Makes me feel at home
Luísa Cervantes's avatar
Luísa Cervantes
It makes me go into a Zen state
Marina de Moraes's avatar
Marina de Moraes
It is addictively sticky
Maria Luisa Sosa's avatar
Maria Luisa Sosa
Already my favorite song
Emanuel Barcelos's avatar
Emanuel Barcelos
I cannot help but be deeply moved by
Cristian Camacho's avatar
Cristian Camacho
It was love at first listen
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